“May The Fourth Be With You”


Star Wars was released 38 years ago, May 24th 1977, and tonight is affectionately known as Star Wars Day, and this is hilarious, on the Wikipedia Star Wars Day is defined as … an unofficial secular
holiday in May which celebrates the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas. It is observed by fans of the movies. Observance of the holiday spread quickly due to Internet, social media, and grassroots celebrations.

We here at BlissVille thought it only fitting to celebrate the movies, the first three, or rather the middle three – episodes IV, V, and VI, the original Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of
the Jedi. The movies are not only wildly successful science-fiction space operas filled with thrills, chills, and a half-naked Carrie Fisher, but touchstones, incredibly monstrous cultural phenomena, so
this will be a rather large, a super-sized episode.

One additional note: I thought rather than regurgitate the stories, I mean everybody knows the stories as written, performed, photographed, and edited, I wanted to talk about possible permutations and theories and ruminations of the original trilogy. Maybe next year, I’ll do the prequels. But tonight, we have Andrew La Ganke and later on, Mark Jeacoma to contribute.