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“They Live” is a 1988 American satirical science fiction horror film written and directed by John Carpenter. The film stars Roddy Piper, Keith David and Meg Foster. It follows a nameless drifter (called “John Nada” in the credits), who discovers the ruling class are in fact aliens concealing their appearance and manipulating people to spend money, breed, and accept the status quo with subliminal messages in mass media.


The first time I saw the movie was on something called the Universal Debut Network; it was a syndicated movie package that Universal Pictures sold to independent networks, I saw it in 1990, it was on Channel 11 here in New York City. The Universal Debut Network was the pre-cursor to all the syndicated series Universal would show, but at first they started with movies like “They Live”, “Prince of Darkness”, “the infamous extended TV version of the movie, “Dune”, where David Lynch took his name off the credits. Apparently Lynch said, “wait a minute, this movie makes sense now, I’m taking my name off the picture!” So after this run of pictures, shows like Hercules and Xena came on the air because they were thinking about putting together a fifth network at the time.

So how do we look on politics, censorship, liberalism, conservative ideology now as opposed to 1988? In Carpenter’s fantasy, these things are just gradual with no tipping point, no rhyme or reason, but I think certain things happened to bring us a “They Live” situation, like 9/11, obviously 9/11 destroyed our country but in a slow, gradual way, like death by a million cuts.

There’s a great line in a sci-fi movie from 1982, “Endangered Species” starring Robert Urich and JoBeth Williams, where Urich says, “If what’s going on around here is organized, you don’t wanna go up against it! The government. The right wing. The left wing. Mercenaries. The mob. It doesn’t make much difference if you get in their way!”

To me, it’s allegory, like all great science fiction. “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” – in the 50s, it was allegory for the Cold War and Communism. In the 1978 version, it was about the “Me” Generation and pop-psychology. In the ’93 remake, it was allegory for disaffected youth and generation X.


BlissVille Fridays: “The Name’s Plissken” and “This World Is Not So Luscious”



Tonight, we have a Friday the 13th doubleheader, a two-fer, two for the price of one. Batteries not included. Local restrictions apply. Some parts may not exist. Offer not available in Utah or Puerto Rico. Smaller than shown! Money back guarantee! Act now! Buy bonds!

We start with a topic very near and dear to our hearts: the just-announced remake/reboot of John Carpenter’s classic 1981 science-fiction film, “Escape From New York”.



“Snake Plissken will be heading back to the big screen! Deadline reports today that 20th Century Fox has won the remake rights to John Carpenter’s enduring action thriller, Escape From New York. What’s more, Carpenter himself is set to serve as executive producer!  Set in a dystopic future, the 1981 original original stars Kurt Russell as Plissken, an eyed-patched convict sent into a maximum security prison (formerly the island of Manhattan) to rescue the President.  Carpenter directed his own sequel to the original, Escape From L.A., in 1996, although that film is decidedly less-beloved by fans of the original.”




The next subject is so psychotically divisive among people right now, we had to discuss it while it was still hot. Andrew and I have differing theories, but we do exercise common sense, and because of that, I think you’ll agree this is an angry but thoughtful discussion. Tonight we give you the ice cream before the medicine and we hope it all goes down easy.

“More measles cases have been found in California, health officials said Friday. Figures released by the California Department of Public Health showed there are now 91 confirmed cases in the state, up from 79 on Wednesday. Of those, 58 infections have been linked to visits to Disneyland or contact with a sick person who went there. Half a dozen states and Mexico also have recorded measles cases connected to Disneyland. The outbreak, which originated at Disney theme parks last month, is spreading to the broader community.”

Business Insider

As of this new post, the total cases has gone to 107.

When you refuse to vaccinate your child on philosophical grounds, you are using your personal philosophy in a way that will affect a community. If one child comes home with a bad case of the measles, that’s normal. It can happen. Vaccines are not one-hundred percent effective. Nothing is! But if 91 kids come home with a bad case of the measles, that is your fault. You have, unwittingly, created an epidemic.

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