ANOTHER NEW EPISODE! “Seeds from the Suicide Tree”

We had a short circuit a couple of days ago that lasted, at it’s peak of operations, I wanna say three days. That’s what results if you overload a power conduit, a wire or a serial bus. The wire or the bus melts and we see some smoke, and that one broken link disrupts the communication, and the power goes out. When I started observing the behavior, I wondered if it was possible this was the cycle of conditioning being interrupted by the short circuit that caused what I can only call “shared madness.” I know emotions can run high. We’re human. I know that. In those three days, I was surrounded by people who … this is hard to say. I was surrounded by people who turned into … monsters, or maybe monsters is too harsh a word. Maybe they were robots, given the contradictory result of a calculation they were told was solved.

Now, we have the misdirected anger, the first stage. It’s like a laser in a mirror ball, with destructive energy indiscriminately aimed at everything and everyone, even friends and loved ones. How did it become so personal? Isn’t this a struggle between two candidates? Join us for a lively discussion of how it happened, and why seeming normal, reasonable people went mad on that chilly Wednesday last week.

Recorded November 12, 2016

Artwork by Regan Lawler

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Running Time: 53:47

NEW PODCAST: “On The Odd With Alex Saltz!”


This is my interview with Alex Saltz, actor and mastering engineer, and one of the stars of my movie, “Total Male Fantasy No. 10”. This is probably the first time we’re talking about the movie at least publicly, but we should start with a little background. I met Alex through a mutual friend, Mark Jeacoma, who has been on my show – twice, we talked about found footage, and we talked about Star Wars. We recorded a couple of shows, one was the famous (or infamous) Scientology podcast for “On The Odd” where we had everybody: Mark, Alex, Chris Hasler, Sarah, and me – that was a fun experience, just getting all those heads together and it turned out great.

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